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BHS Training

If you are looking to work with horses or are looking to upgrade your current equine qualifications, we can provide the following:

  • Stage training up to and including the Stage 3

  • Ride Safe Training (formerly the Riding and Road Safety Exam)

Training may be in groups or individually depending on interest. 

If you are interested in training for exams please fill in our expression of interest form and we will get back to you, alternatively you can contact Tara at

For more information on the BHS Career Pathway follow the link

Scheduled Training:

**BHS Stage 1 Care Intro Course**

Sunday 4th and 11th February

10am - 1.30pm

This course will introduce all the elements of the BHS Stage 1 Care exam using demonstrations and discussion and is useful for those preparing for the Stage 1, those considering taking exams in the future or for those wishing to know a bit more about the correct care and management of horses in general.

Minimum age limit of 13 years.

Cost €150

Fill in the form linked below to sign up!

If you have any questions please email me at:

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