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Christmas Show!


First Jumping – Half Hour Riders

Riders will jump their round during their usual lesson slot on the week starting the 13th December


Mini, Midi, Maxi, Horse and Pony Owners

Sunday 5th Dec starting at 10am – we will estimate times for later classes closer to the time


Guide to classes:

Mini - Tuesday 4.15, 5.30; Thursday 4.15; Saturday 3.15

Midi - Wednesday 4.15; Friday 4.15, Saturday 11.15

Maxi - Friday 5.30; Saturday 12.30


Please put your name on the sheet in the office for the suitable class – instructors will not do this for you!!


Entry of €15 to be paid on the day!




We always welcome feedback - whether it is the website or facebook, something in the yard or anything else. Send us any feedback you have by using the Contact Us form

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