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COVID-19 - Update


Update 23/11/2021

With the increasing number of cases we ask that our clients adhere to the ongoing government guidance of social distancing, mask wearing etc., as well as the following whilst at Hitchmough's:

 - riders only on the yard

 - if you are deemed a close contact, have symptoms, need to isolate or otherwise have reason to suspect you may have Covid, please cancel your lesson as soon as possible

 - we advise riders to purchase their own equipment i.e. helmets, boots, whips, body protectors

 - please do not use our facilities as a playground or dog park, although we have plenty of space, it is unsafe to do so at any time

We thank all our customers for their ongoing support!



Update 16/04/2021

**Re-opening for group lessons for U18’s April 27th**

We are glad to say that we plan to re-open for group lessons for under 18’s from Tuesday the 27th, as per current government guidelines.

We aim to fully restore all lessons and permanent places in those lessons to our pre-lockdown schedule.

Over the next week, we will be directly in contact with all our regular clients via our new email address to confirm your return to your lesson and to give further guidance regarding our Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols.

Any places not filled in lessons will be filled from our waiting list, if you would like to add your name to our waiting list, please email us at

Looking forward to welcoming all our young riders back!

**Private Adult Lessons**

Although we are not yet able to welcome back our adult riders to group lessons, we are able to provide private lessons immediately, subject to availability.


If you are interested in booking a private lesson with us, please email us at

Update 15/03/2021
As per government regulation, all Riding Schools are not allowed to conduct group lessons either in or outdoors. Because of this we are marked as temporarily closed on Google
We remain open for Private Livery customers as usual
We hope to open as soon as we can but this will be inline with government health advice
Stay safe!
Update 22/10/2020

**Level 5: We are remaining open for lessons for school-going children, but will run no adult lessons**

In light of the fact that The Association of Irish Riding Schools (AIRE) has not yet received any direction from Horse Sport Ireland as to how riding schools are to operate under the revised level 5 restrictions, we have made the decision to remain open as school-going children are allowed to travel outside their 5km limit to attend sports training in a setting such as ours. As always the health and well-being of staff and clients comes first and we are confidant we can continue to provide a safe environment for lessons whilst following strict guidelines.

We will be operating under our planned level 4 guidelines so please make sure you are familiar with these by reading the 9th Oct update below carefully.

If you plan to not attend lessons you must let us know. Please understand that we may have to reschedule lessons depending on numbers attending.

Thank you for bearing with us while we try to figure this all out! We will be in contact with everyone directly over the next few days.

Update 9th Oct 2020

We have made the following plans should the government increase restrictions to level 4 or 5.


We will only be able to operate if these strict guidelines are followed as the safety of our staff and clients is our main priority – if these cannot be followed we will be forced to suspend lessons until government restrictions are eased. Please do not ask us to make exceptions to any of these restrictions as refusal often offends.


Level 4

  • All lessons will continue to go ahead as scheduled, training is non-contact, outdoors and groups are less than 15.

  • Riders should wear facemasks whilst bringing their horse to and from the arena – as social distancing cannot always be maintained at this point.

  • All lessons MUST be paid for in advance online, staff will not accept cash payment on the day. If the lesson is not prepaid you will not have a place in the lesson. NO EXCEPTIONS. We must do this to reduce any unnecessary contact between staff and clients.

  • Clients will remain in their cars until called for the lesson and anyone accompanying riders should remain in their car for the duration of the lesson – we understand there is a social aspect but for the duration of level 4 restrictions we must ask you to not gather in the carpark.

  • Please do not use our facilities as a playground or dog park, although we have plenty of space, it is unsafe to do so at any time.

  • We will be unable to provide equipment to riders:

    • Helmets should be up to current standards and correctly fitted (please talk to a staff member if you need advice)

    • Boots need to have a small heel to prevent the riders feet sliding through the stirrups – wellies quite often are suitable

    • Body protectors are only required by riders under 18 who will be jumping

    • All riders should bring a whip with them to lessons (and remember to take them home!!)

Level 5

  • All lessons will be suspended.

  • All prepaid lessons will be honoured when restrictions are eased again.


We hope for everyone’s sake we do not need to move to level 4 or 5 but it seems the likelihood is ever increasing. Please start to make arrangements e.g. purchasing equipment or paying in advance now so if we do move to level 4 we can continue your training without any disruptions.


We really appreciate your continued support through these testing times.


Stay safe!!



Update @ 20th June 2020 9:00am
  • Riding has return for Advanced and Intermediate riders only.
  • Only 1 hour lessons are currently operating
  • Private lessons are operating as normal
  • We are starting 1/2 hours lessons on Saturdays only from 4th July.  Existing 1/2 customer will have priority in booking lessons
Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to seeing everyone back soon
Update @ 14th May 2020 9:00am
Return to Riding

We are glad to say that we will begin reopening for lessons from the beginning of Phase 2, hopefully 9th June.


Our plan is to phase lessons in gradually as follows:

  • Phase 2: Adults and teenagers in groups of 4-6, lessons of 45mins. Riders must be competent at mounting and adjusting equipment without assistance.

  • Phase 3: As above, with groups going up to 8, lessons of 1 hour.

  • Phase 4: Children under 12 allowed to return for hour lessons. Riders must still require no assistance from instructors to mount or adjust stirrups as social distancing must still be practised.

  • Phase 5: All other riders, including half-hour riders can begin to return.


These plans are a general guideline of how we hope things will go however, they may change at any point should we feel it is unsafe for staff or clients to proceed as planned.

As riders begin to return we will inform you of the new procedures we have put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Lastly, all past and future gift vouchers will now be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. You can purchase them online here

If you have any questions please call or email us - see Contact Us

Hopefully we will get to see you all start to come back over the next few months!

Stay Safe


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